Hymno: a Lav Diaz exhibition

From May 8 through the 29th, Kunstenfestivaldesarts invites artists from all over the world and from Belgium to redefine the boundaries of theatre, dance and performance in more than 30 venues in and around Brussels, Belgium.
On that occasion, Filipino filmmaker Lav Diaz will showcase his works through an exhibition, a performance and a selection of films at Cinema Galeries. ‘Hymno‘ is the title he chose for that unique multidisciplinary event.
Alongside with the screenings of his films, discover for the first time the world of Lav Diaz through video installations that will plunge every visitor into an outstanding sensory experience based on a plural yet single image and sound landscape where nature prevails over man -always- while addressing the Filipino people history.
Lastly, Lav Diaz will deliver on stage on May 10 a performance inspired from the Malay lamentation ritual, which will be a tribute to the past, present and future tragedies in th Philippines and in this world. The live lamentation will be followed by two visual pieces specifically designed for the Festival as an echo to the ongoing tragedies the world is facing: Ang Pananaghoy (The Lamentation) and Taal work-in-progress.

Exhibition curator: Bich-Quan Tran
Special thanks: Hazel Orencio, Christina Stuhlberger, Efe Cakarel, Alex Keegan.