a film by Patrick Mario Bernard

Patrick Mario Bernard is a filmmaker – he co-directed Ballroom, The Other One, The Case of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Blind Spot (Cannes Acid 2019) with long-time associate Pierre Trividic – and he is also a photographer, a visual and video artist, whose fate has led him to cross the path of Rodolphe Burger, a multitalented artist known for his transversal practices as a composer, a guitarist and a singer – he founded the French rock band Kat Onoma – with multiple artists ranging from musicians Alain Bashung, Rachid Taha, Erik Marchand, Françoise Hardy, James Blood Ulmer to writers Pierre Alferi or Olivier Cadiot, actress Rachid Brakni, comic author Charles Berberian and many more.
‘Good’ is a unique creative dialogue performance between two artists that wavers somewhere between a road movie, a poem, an essay and even a ‘stunning haiku’ to quote Burger.

Paris Cinéma du Réel 2019

84 mins – France – 2018 – color – 16:9- Dolby Digital 5.1 – French/English