a film by Yacine B. and Dario C.

Confusion Poster

Caroline Gautier, Chief of Staff of the Security Department in Geneva Canton, is preparing to welcome an ex-detainee from Guantanamo and offer him a new life in Switzerland. Tracked by two film students whom she allowed to capture the momentous occasion, Caroline Gautier aims at carrying off the day’s events without a hitch. But nothing unfolds as planned. What with local protests, diplomatic issues and political rivalries, she finds herself immersed in a tremendous maelstrom that challenges her skills and convictions as a politician…

How important are Human Rights when State Security and individual ambitions are at stake? This unbelievable unauthorized documentary unveils the workings of international politics as a Guantanamo detainee is to be extradited from the US to Switzerland.

Paris International Human Rights Film Festival 2016, Traverse City Film Festival 2016, Rencontres du Cinéma Francophone 2016 (Jury Prize)

70 mins – Switzerland – 2015 – color – 16:9- Dolby Digital 5.1 – French/English/German/Chinese